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Systematic Investment Plan

PaiseKaBhoot.com provides, Systematic Investment Plan is a unique plan that allows you to fulfil all your dreams efficiently. With salient benefits and features, SIP becomes a wise choice for investments. An investor can make regular investments and follow a disciplined approach towards investing in Mutual Fund schemes. He can also peruse the Systematic Investment Plan according to pre-opted schedules.

Build your future.

o meet the more exhaustive expenses of your life like marriages, education or a house, you need to start investing early. Save a small amount every month/quarter with SIP and look forward to a bright future.

Relax and accumulate wealth.

With SIP, you don’t need to invest a huge sum of money i.e. you can start with an amount as little as Rs. 500. Gradually, you can accumulate wealth over the long-term.

Reduce risks

For efficient participation in this volatile market, SIP helps you average out your cost by generating superior returns in the long run. It reduces the risk associated with lump sum investments.

Enjoy the convenience

Set yourself free from cumbersome paperwork. Just identify the amount and scheme that you wish to invest in and then choose from options like Auto Debit/ECS. The amount will automatically get debited on a date of your choice. You can also give monthly/quarterly post-dated cheques for the amount you wish to invest.

Build your investment at regular intervals

With SIP, you can invest a pre-determined amount of money in chosen schemes at the applicable NAV based Sale Price on each transaction date. Each transaction will fetch you additional units that will be added to your investment account