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Initial Public Offer

IPO stands for Initial Public Offer. An IPO is open selling of securities of a company by the company itself for subscription by the public at large. When a company wants to raise money, one of the ways it can do so is by selling its equity shares to the public. When the company comes out with the issue for the first time, an IPO. Once an IPO is offered to public at large, it is subsequently subscribed and after the end of subscription period, it gets listed on the stock exchanges. After the IPO, the shares get listed on the stock exchange and shareholders can trade their shareholdings on the exchanges.

Why invest IPO ?

Investing in IPO makes a lot of sense as owning a share of a company is like owning a part of the company where you would be considered as a share holder and would be involved in company decisions as a shareholder. If you get to own a part of a company at a price which is the best possible price than buying in secondary market and be one of the first share holders of the company; why not utilize the opportunity. Besides this, you don't even need to follow up daily for a favorable price at which you would like to buy the share. If you have the resources, can gather information, analyze the risk and rewards involved in an investment opportunity and take an informed decision, it is best advised to invest in an IPO.