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  • Take care of your Investment in the Share Market

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  • Wealth is not how much money you have, but what

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  • Whatever your investment goals, we can help you


Our investment process begins with the identification of large, socially coherent but disconnected groups. Viewing these groups as large sources of untapped economic and social value, PaiseKaBhoot.com develops investment themes around specific products or services that can link disconnected groups to global systems, prioritizing opportunities based on the community’s expressed needs for specific essential products or services. Development of investment themes comes from a “bottom-up” understanding of the needs of clients and the relevant market space. PaiseKaBhoot.com’s investing is driven by specific requests from clients of existing portfolio companies with regards to the products and services that are needed by them. This is complemented by “top-down” research and analysis that encompass macroeconomics, nation level assessment and development oriented research.